Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Your Sydney furniture upholstery cleaning search is over.


Furniture upholstery cleaning is what Aladdin does remarkably well.

Sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture typically receive a lot of use, especially in homes with children or pets. Although dirt and stains are inevitable, they don’t have to be permanent. Whether grubby or stained by kids, pets, or a party, Aladdin will make your furniture like new again in no time. Furniture upholstery cleaned by the professionals at Aladdin dramatically improves your furniture’s appearance and hygiene.


For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have your furniture upholstery steam cleaned, call 1300 856 331 now or email Aladdin here.

Aladdin, the clean-genie, provides you with your wishes: reliable, professional, reasonably-priced, home & office furniture upholstery cleaning services, Sydney-wide.

With Aladdin all services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. High quality results, every time, make Aladdin furniture upholstery Cleaning Sydney your first point of call.


Why professional furniture upholstery steam cleaning?


Furniture stain & grime removal. Many people first seek out our service to help remove a stubborn stain or a build up of many small stains, marks and general grime. On this count, we can generally make your upholstered furniture close to like new again.

Odour removal: After the furniture upholstery cleaning process your household or office furniture will feel and smell fresh and pleasant again. You and your family, guests, colleagues, staff or business visitors will appreciate it.

Visual presentation: The state of your furniture contributes a great deal to the overall appearance of the room in which it is placed. Having it professionally cleaned will revitalize it and improve the ambience of the room where it lives.

Economy: Lengthen the life of your furniture. By having your furniture upholstery cleaned every few years you will significantly lengthen it’s life — saving you money on new furniture or re-upholstering.

Hygiene: The furniture upholstery cleaning process eradicates mites, dead skin, body oils, dust, hair and food and drink residue leaving you with a clean and healthy environment.

Reduce your carbon footprint: We live in a society where far too many buy new items at the smallest sign of use. This is unsustainable. You can reduce your carbon and landfill footprint by, first, being thoughtful about large furniture items you purchase. And second, by caring for and maintaining these furniture items for the full life cycle of the piece – professional furniture upholstery cleaning is an eco-friendly part of this process of a sustainable well-considered minimal lifestyle.


When should I get my furniture upholstery steam-cleaned?


Regularly: For the above reasons it is a good idea to have your furniture professionally cleaned regularly. We recommend annual or biannual cleaning depending on how much use your furniture receives.

For special events or occasions: You many decide to get your furniture upholstery cleaned for a special occasion such as a wedding, Christmas party, dinner party, family visit or in preparation for the sale or rental of a property.

When disaster strikes: If you have spilled something major on a piece of furniture or it has undergone flood damage don’t delay – call now as time is often of the essence to the outcome.

It is advisable to get your furniture cleaned at least 2 days prior to any special event. While drying times are generally under 1 day for very deep cushioning this can take a few days to complete.


Why Aladdin for my furniture upholstery steam-cleaning?


Trust – Experience: Aladdin’s professional specialist technicians are highly experienced in cleaning and protecting all manner of fabrics and furniture items.

Expertise – Tailored to You: Your technician will select the most suitable process for cleaning your furniture and then efficiently and gently extract stains, grime & debris from your lounge, chair, sofas or other upholstered piece/s.

Attention to Detail: Your technician will pay special attention to those areas that receive the most use such as arm-rests, head-rests or that special someone’s favourite seating position.

Safe: Aladdin uses only the best non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products on your furniture.

Economical: Aladdin offers some of the most fair & competitive prices in the quality furniture upholstery cleaning market. And provides free quotes with no call-out fees or hidden charges.

Guaranteed: All Aladdin services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have your furniture upholstery steam cleaned, call 1300 856 331 now or email Aladdin here.


What kind of upholstered furniture does Aladdin clean?


The Aladdin home and office furniture upholstery cleaning service covers:

Furniture Items: sofas, couches, lounges, armchairs, chaises, foot-stools, ottomans, office chairs, dining chairs and more. (We even clean mattresses).

Furniture Upholstery: All fabrics – polyester, cotton-blends, wool, micro-suede and leather.


Where will Aladdin clean my furniture?


Aside from in the home, Aladdin also regularly cleans furniture in offices, board rooms, hotel, motels, serviced apartments, backpacker hostels, schools, child-care centres, nursing homes, gyms, fitness centres, sports centres, yoga schools, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs.

We also offer a service for furniture that has been in storage or marked during transportation or removal.

So whether your furniture upholstery cleaning job is for a single chair or hundreds of office chairs, Aladdin is ready to help you today.


What is Aladdin’s furniture upholstery cleaning process?


Aladdin uses a professional multi-stage upholstery cleaning service model process on every job:

  1. Pre-inspection of areas to be cleaned to assist in selection of appropriate products and processes.
  2. Pre-spray with a fabric cleaning-agent that loosens dirt and debris and prepares the area for our professional steam cleaning extraction process.
  3. Steam clean extraction with Aladdin’s top-of-the-range upholstery cleaning equipment.
  4. Difficult stains are individually treated with an appropriate spot stain-remover and rinsed back over.
  5. Application of an anti-bacterial agent and deodoriser to leave a pleasant fragrance and prevent the future build up of bacteria that cause odours.


Does Aladdin include a Fabric protection treatment?


Yes. After your furniture’s cleaning treatment your Aladdin technician will apply a Scotchguard treatment to help better protect your furniture from future accidents and general build-up of dirt. When applied correctly, Scotchguard creates an invisible protective film so that spillages bead when they contact the furniture’s surface — this allows you some time to wipe-off or blot-up the spillage before it soaks in to the fabric. This fabric protection process lengthens the life of your furniture and decreases the interval between the need for professional cleans. This can save you money in the long term.


So before you throw that old sofa away, thinking that your only option is a new one or paying for expensive re-upholstering, give the Aladdin upholstery cleaning specialists a call and find out why we have such a stellar reputation in furniture upholstery cleaning throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Sydney-wide. Aladdin delivers a nearly new sofa without the hefty new sofa price tag!

For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have your furniture upholstery steam cleaned, call 1300 856 331 now or email Aladdin here.