Carpet Water Damaged Repair Sydney

24/7 Sydney Emergency flood clean up service 


Aladdin Carpet Cleaning in Sydney are specialists in flood water extraction and full-service flood-damaged carpet restoration. If you are in the unfortunate position of having a flood to deal with in your property or a property you manage we can help – fast.

We will be on site, within 1 to 2 hours, depending on your location, ready to offer full assistance and expertise ensuring the minimum impact possible arises from your flooding emergency.


For advice or to make a booking for immediate flood water extraction and carpet restoration, call us on 1300 856 331

For our after-hours emergency service please call 0406 852 454  (Should no one answer please leave a message stating that you have a flood water emergency, brief details of the circumstances of the flood, and your location and return phone number – or send an SMS text message stating the same). 


Why choose Aladdin for your carpet flood clean up?


Trust – Experience: Aladdin’s professional specialist technicians are seasoned flood water extraction and water damaged carpet restoration experts. During periods of heavy rain and storms we often deal with numerous flood clean-ups in a single week – so you can rest assured you have the best in the business working to ensure the best possible outcome for your property and carpets.

Safe: Aladdin uses only the best non-toxic biodegradable clean-up and cleaning products to sanitise and deodorise your carpets post-flood.

Economical: Aladdin offers some of the most fair & competitive prices for flood clean-up and water-damaged carpet restoration services in Sydney.

Availability: Most flood restoration jobs are Super-Urgent! Aladdin offers a 24/7 emergency service to ensure our customers experience the minimum possible damage to their buildings and carpets and the minimum possible disruption to their lives.

Best-of-breed Industry Standards: Aladdin cleans to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3733:1995.

We frequently help clients with floods that have arisen due to:

  • Burst or leaking water pipes, seals, or taps.
  • Heavy rain and storms and roofs or gutters failing or windows or other access points left open.
  • Leaking washing machines or other household appliances.
  • Giant Aquariums or Fish Tanks spontaneously exploding. (Well, occassionaly).


Flooded wet carpets? Act now – time is critical.


With flood water on carpets, time is absolutely crucial for the minimisation of damage to your carpet.

This is the key reason why Aladdin Carpet Cleaning in Sydney is the first emergency point of call for a very long list of building and strata managers throughout Sydney. We have the capacity and equipment on standby to be able to deal with emergencies within the Sydney Metropolitan area extremely quickly, often within the hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year.

Our super-fast response time to flood emergencies makes for a dramatic reduction in the potential severity of damage that can arise in a building flooded with large amounts of standing water. The result is a significant saving on costs that would have otherwise arisen for the building owner, strata body corporate, or home owner – and minimisation of disruption to all involved – tenants, strata managers and home owners.


Help! My place is flooded – what next?


Flood Emergency Step 1 – Stop the water now


Floods make people panic. If that is you right now, stop, and double-check that the source of any further water has been dealt with.

Identify and isolate any source of the incoming water:

  • Leaking Pipes: Turn the Water Mains off first. If possible isolate and stop the leak yourself using the stop tap (if fitted to the pipes). Call a Plumber now.
  • Heavy Rain: Close any access points. Close Windows. Endeavour to create a physical barrier where any further water may enter the building – under doors or etc. (Note, please ensure your own safety first and foremost at all times!)
  • Fish Tanks: Turn off any water supply to the tank, or what was the tank if it is now in pieces. (And don’t forget to rescue your finned friends!)


Flood Emergency Step 2 – Call Aladdin


As soon as you have stopped any further water entering the building call Aladdin, the Flood Clean Up Specialists in Sydney on 1300 856 331 or  0406 852 454 24 hours, 7 days.

We will advise you of the soonest possible time we can be on site to extract all flood water. The sooner you act on this the better. The faster we can assist you and get to work the less possible damage to your carpets and home or building.


Flood Emergency Step 3  – Your Aladdin flood Genie arrives


Phew! What’s Next?


1) Immediate flood water extraction

  • Your Aladdin Flood Restoration expert will set up commercial-grade flood water extraction equipment.
  • All standing water will be extracted: From carpets, tiles, vinyl, floors, cupboards, bathrooms, around leaking air conditioning units and anywhere else flood water may be present.


2) Damage assessment and debris clean up


Once water extraction is complete your flood clean up technician will:

  • Assess the level of damage that has been caused by the flood and notify you of this.
  • Clean up any debris in the affected areas and remove furniture and any other items from the effected area.

Will my carpets need to be removed?

In most cases, No. When water-extraction has been professionaly implemented promptly, there is generally no need to remove carpets. The powerful vacuum motors we deploy in this process will have removed the vast majority of the water in your carpet and underlay.


3) Carpet steam cleaning 


The next step we will implement in your flood restoration process is a thorough carpet steam-clean.

When flood water has mixed with drain or sewerage water on its journey to your carpet (as is usually the case) it will have contained many contaminants. Nitrates particularly need be promptly neutralised and disinfected with sanitising/ anti-bacterial chemical agents.

The post-flood carpet steam clean will also:

  • Remove other general dirt and debris left behind by the floor water.
  • Sanitise and deoderise your carpets and floors.
  • Raise the temperature of your carpet which assists with drying time.
  • Ensure your pet’s vote for you as the definitive candidate for an honourary latter-day Noah.


4) Carpet drying using commercial-grade Air Movers


Post-flood water extraction, and post-carpet-steam-clean, when your carpets are clean, sanitary and close to dry we will:

  • Deploy commerical-grade air movers to speed up carpet drying time. These machines blow a large volume of air over your carpets at high speed.
  • In the case of the area having poor ventilation we will supplement this with the deployment of commercial-grade dehumidifing machines to rapidly capture excess air moisture.
  • Open windows and run any air-condidioning units in the space on the maximum setting.

*The Quantity of drying units we put in place will be determined by the size of the areas effected in your home or building.


How long will it take for my carpets to dry?


Carpet drying equipment is left in place for as long as is necessary until the drying is complete in all areas.

The timeline for this is usually a day or two depending on the severity of the flood, type of carpet, room layout and ventilation available.

Your Aladdin technician will check back with you the following day, in-person, and make any adjustments to the drying equipment that may be necessary.

When the area is fully-dry all drying equipment will be removed and we will assess the effectiveness of the whole procedure.

In most cases everything should be fine from this point on and you will be able to move yourselves and furniture back in to the effected rooms.


5) 2nd carpet steam clean – if required


A second steam-clean and deodorising treatment may be necessary. First, please allow at least 24 hours after the restoration process has been completed (which includes the 1st carpet steam clean) to allow the place to air out and damp odours to dissipate from the surrounding area and fixtures.



Can Aladdin remove my permanently water damaged carpet?


In some cases flood damaged carpets are beyond repair. This typically occurs when water has been left to sit for too long. In such cases browning of the carpet will be present and mould and bacteria will have grown and eaten away the carpet.

In the event of permanent carpet damage your Aladdin technician can remove the carpet and underlay for you and dry out the slab floor below. In such cases we will always liaise with you prior and only carry out work you have agreed upon.


Assistance with Flood Insurance Claims


Are the flood clean-up services Aladdin provides usually covered?:

Yes, in the majority of cases that we see, flood clean-up and water damaged carpet restoration services are covered by most insurance policies. So whether you are a home-owner with a regular home and contents insurance policy, or a strata-manager, residental or commercial landlord or business tenant you are probably covered. Please check your policy!

Will Aladdin provide documentation to support my insurance claim?:

Yes, Aladdin will provide you with basic supporting written-documentation (bullet points of services provided and invoice) to support your claim. And we are also happy to take brief calls from your insurance company as required to verbally support this written documentation. Should you require any elaborate written documentation beyond this we charge $125 per hour +GST.


Aladdin’s Payment Terms


As a rule payment on the day is required and can be made by either cash, cheque or credit card.

In some cases we can offer 14 day invoice terms to large commercial entities – subject to approval – please let us know if you require this when booking your job on the phone.

Costs for a flood clean-up can be relatively high. Please see our fee structure below. Please note that in no instance do we work on the basis of payment after your insurance claim has been procesed.


Aladdin Carpet Water Damage Restoration Prices – Sydney

Call out fee & installation of drying equipment up to 30 minutes
Hire of carpet dryers / airmovers (per day)
Hire of dehumidifiers (per day)
Carpet layer’s fee
Carpet cleaning and completion of restoration
Deodorising and browning treatment
Labour charges to remove furniture / carpet disposal (per hour)
After hours call out fee. (6pm to 6am)
Call out fee to move drying equipment / check drying process

Note: All of the above services may not be required at water damage restoration. A more accurate assessment of what is required can be made at initial call out upon inspection of damage

For advice or to make a booking for immediate flood water extraction and carpet restoration, call us on 1300 856 331

For our after-hours emergency service please call 0406 852 454  (Should no one answer please leave a message stating that you have a flood water emergency, brief details of the circumstances of the flood, and your location and return phone number – or send an SMS text message stating the same).