Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

Your carpet steam cleaning search is over.


Carpet Steam Cleaning is what Aladdin does remarkably well.

Aladdin carpet steam cleaning increases the life span of your carpet, dries fast, and provides a deep clean that is safe for babies and pets.


For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have your carpet steam cleaned, call 1300 856 331 now, or email Aladdin here.

People clean all other household items regularly but seem to put off carpet cleaning thinking it’s a huge chore. But with one simple call or message to Aladdin Carpet Cleaning your carpets will be set for an impending make-over that will leave you wondering why you didn’t call sooner!

Aladdin, the clean-genie, provides you with all your wishes: reliable, professional, reasonably-priced, home & office carpet steam cleaning services, Sydney-wide.

With Aladdin all services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. High quality results, every time, make Aladdin carpet steam cleaning your first point of call in Sydney.


How often should I have my carpet steam cleaned?


Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning technician. To promote longevity in the life span of your carpet their advice for carpet maintenance is a professional clean once per year.


Why have my carpet professionally steam cleaned?


Fast Drying Times: When done right carpet steam cleaning is the most efficient and effective way of cleaning your carpet. Modern equipment enables fast drying times. Powerful vacuums extract the maximum amount of water possible ensuring your carpet is only slightly damp to the touch after the clean and will be dry in a matter of just a few hours.

100% Dirt Removal: Only carpet steam cleaning can guarantee a 100% removal of the dirt in your carpet. In past years there was a push towards carpet dry cleaning or ‘the encapsulation method’. This push however came not from the carpet manufacturers or clients themselves but from carpet cleaning companies – as dry cleaning is easier to perform and the equipment cheaper and easier to assemble and transport. Dry cleaning was promoted on the basis of quick drying times. This has now been made redundant due to the effectiveness of modern carpet steam cleaning equipment. With Aladdin’s carpet steam clean service we guarantee your carpet will be fresh and dry in hours and not days.

Hygienic: The heat from the steam that passes through your carpet combined with the safe, non-toxic chemicals that Aladdin uses will thoroughly disinfect and sanitise your carpets. This leaves your carpet 100% hygienically clean and protects the health of your family and friends at home and your employees or co-workers in your office.


Why Aladdin for my carpet steam cleaning in Sydney?


Trust – Experience: The team at Aladdin Carpet Cleaning in Sydney works at the highest of standards, with the purpose of providing the best carpet cleaning service available. Our company was founded on the premise that premium quality carpet steam cleaning, at reasonable prices, was what our customers would want and come back for. Now in 2015, we have thousands of highly satisfied customers that call us each and every year and recommend us to their family and friends. Given this, you can rest assured that your carpet is in the best of hands when you choose Aladdin.

Applying best-of-breed Industry Standards: Aladdin Carpet Cleaning Sydney cleans to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3733:1995. This is the hot water extraction method that is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. The main aims of the method are, first, to maximize the appearance and wear of your carpets. Second, to minimize possible hazards to your health from poorly maintained carpets (eliminating such things as dust mites and other allergens that can affect health and quality of life).

Only the finest quality equipment & detergents: Aladdin uses only top-of-the-range, latest-model, commercial carpet cleaning equipment and couples this with premium products and detergents. There is no expense spared at Aladdin Carpet Cleaning as we consistently deliver you our famous premium quality carpet cleaning service.

Economical: Aladdin offers some of the most fair & competitive prices in the quality carpet steam cleaning market. And provides free quotes with no call-out fees or hidden charges.

Safe: Aladdin uses only the best non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products on your carpet.

Guaranteed: All Aladdin services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Aladdin carpet steam cleaning increases the life span of your carpet, dries fast, and provides a deep clean that is safe for babies and pets.


For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have your carpet steam cleaned, call 1300 856 331 now or email Aladdin here.


How does the Aladdin carpet steam cleaning process work?


The Aladdin carpet steam-cleaning process is thorough and rigorous.

We run the same multi-stage carpet steam cleaning process on every job. This ensures consistently stellar results.

The Aladdin carpet steam clean process is as follows:

  1. Initial inspection of the carpeted areas to be cleaned.
  2. Pre-vacuum with high-power vacuums (as required).
  3. Pre-treatment of all spot-stains and other areas with markings.
  4. Application of a carpet pre-spray to the whole area to be cleaned.
  5. High temperature carpet steam clean is performed.

The Aladdin process delivers high quality results every time and will leave your carpets like new.


Carpet Steam Cleaning vs regular Vacuum Cleaning


Aladdin Carpet Cleaning’s steam cleaning is an entirely different process to regular vacuuming.

With steam cleaning a specialist carpet pre-spray detergent prepares the carpeted area for cleaning by loosening and suspending dirt and particles in the carpet. This ensures that even the most deep-down dirt is removed during steam cleaning – something which is impossible to achieve with a standard household vacuum. A regular household vacuum merely sucks up loose debris from your carpet, while steam cleaning actually washes the fibres of the carpet as well as extracting dirt, debris and sticky matter from deeper in the carpet.


Carpet Steam Cleaning vs Carpet Dry Cleaning


Aladdin does not offer carpet dry-cleaning as carpet steam cleaning is a superior and far more effective method for removing dirt and contaminants from carpets. Carpet steam cleaning removes bacteria, mould and all other living micro-organisms, leaving your carpets fresh and hygienically clean — versus simply aesthetically clean in the case of carpet dry cleaning.


Aladdin’s Sydney Carpet Steam Cleaning Technicians


All Aladdin carpet steam-cleaning professionals are experts in the field. They are experienced, knowledgeable, fully-insured, friendly, punctual and reliable. And our consistent customer feedback is that they are a pleasure to deal with.


How long will it take for my steam cleaned carpets to dry?


At completion, the Aladdin carpet cleaning process leaves your carpets only slightly damp to the touch and with zero residue. They will feel soft and clean and will smell great. Drying times are generally 1 to 3 hours.

And providing your shoes or feet are clean your carpets can be walked on right away. We simply suggest you avoid placing flat-bottomed furniture or wooden legged furniture back on your carpet immediately after cleaning – as this will prevent the air-flow needed for them to dry fully in the proceeding hours.

If, immediately after steam cleaning, you place wooden items back on your carpet, (depending on how they have been manufactured and treated) you may stain the carpet or damage the wood itself. Please wait a minimum of 3 hours before replacing such wooden furniture.


Aladdin carpet steam cleaning increases the life span of your carpet, dries fast, and provides a deep clean that is safe for babies and pets.


For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have your carpet steam cleaned, call 1300 856 331 now or email Aladdin here.